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Bookmark Tutorial

Printer (Laser or Inkjet)
Laminator (I use a Scotch Thermal Laminator.)

Laminating Sheets (I Use Scotch Laminating Sheets)

White Cardstock Paper (May be found at Walmart or any Office Supply store)
Paper Cutter (Optional)
Hole Punch
Jute or Ribbon
Bookmark Graphic (Purchased separately here: Bookmark CD or
Download Bookmarks for $1 here: Bookmarks)

Bookmarks Used in tutoral: Flippin' Out Over You Bookmark and Blessed Bookmark

Step 1 - Open & Print
Open our bookmark template & click print.

For Windows XP/Vista Users - Open the layout of 4 bookmarks in Windows Photo Gallery. Click Print. Make sure you have it on full page photo.

I print mine with a laser printer using 100lb white cardstock. Photo of printed bookmarks:

Step 2 - Cut
I cut my bookmarks using a paper cutter. Quick and easy. Regular scissors work great too!

Finished cutting:

Step 3 - Place BM's into laminating sheets
Fold Open 1 laminating sheet. Carefully place each individual bookmark into full sized laminating sheet (8.5x11).
I can fit 8 bookmarks into one sheet.

Carefully fold over the top of the laminating sheet to prepare for laminating.

Step 4 - Laminate

This step may be tricky. With both hands, very carefully lift and place into laminator through the front of the machine. Make sure the sealed edge of the laminating sheet is facing toward the front of the laminator! I ruined my previous laminating machine by placing the laminating sheet in backwards/un-sealed side going in first lol!

Gently hold the sheet as it feeds thru the machine so the bookmarks do not slide out of place.

Lamination in process:

Finished laminating! Nice and glossy! :)

Step 5 - Cut
Cut each bookmark out using scissors or paper cutter, leaving a small edge around the bookmark. Try not to cut too close to the edge of the bookmark otherwise it will break the seal and separate the laminating sheet. You may round off the corners with scissors to smooth the sharp edges.

Step 6 - Hole Punch
Punch a hole at the top or corner of each bookmark with your hole puncher.

Step 7 - Tie with Jute or Ribbon
Cut about 6-8 inches of ribbon or jute and fold in half. Run the folded end of the jute through the punched hole and loop. Pull tight.

Finished Bookmark


These sell great at craft shows, gift shops or give away in Church groups and organizations. Thanks for viewing! Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends by posting this page to facebook or linking back to this page. 

Happy Crafting,
Gail Eads

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